Bulk Create Content with ChatGPT & Canva

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Bulk Create Content with ChatGPT & Canva

Avatar Team RonDi | July 26, 2023 38 Views 0 Likes 5 On 1 Rating

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Have you ever felt overwhelmed trying to consistently create high-quality content?

Automation... Rings a bell? Content Creators: fasten your seatbelts and get ready to be blown away 🤯!

Let me show you how I use Canva in combination with AI tools to create content much, MUCH faster! This is not a usual "create 10 posts in 2 minutes" tutorial: we'll go way deeper, and I'll share with you my best tips for these impressive and powerful tools so that you too can master them as a Pro... or a God (or Boss, that's up to you, you could also be both!).

We will cover three levels of automation: Beginner, Pro, and "God level". Are you ready for this?


Automation: Beginner Level

  • We start in a Canva doc and use the Magic Write AI tool to generate 10 tips for a happier life.
  • We copy the tips into a spreadsheet, then search Canva templates for an Instagram quote design.
  • In the Canva editor, we add our logo to the template and use the Bulk Create tool to import the happiness tips data.
  • We connect the text box to the data and generate 10 customized quote designs with each tip.
  • The quotes can be downloaded as images to post on Instagram, allowing us to easily create 10 posts.


Automation: Pro Level

  • We prompt ChatGPT to list the Dalai Lama's top books, then extract 15 popular quotes from them structured as a table.
  • We copy the quote data into a spreadsheet, find an Instagram story quote template, and customize it with our brand colors/font using Styles.
  • Using Bulk Create, we upload the CSV data and connect the text boxes to the book name, quote, and Dalai Lama's name.
  • ChatGPT formatted the quotes under 280 characters, perfect for social media.
  • We generate 14 customized quote designs and can further customize each with different brand colors.


Automation: God Level

  • We show our complex prompt to ChatGPT to generate a table summarizing 5 YouTube video titles, links, and descriptions under 140 characters.
  • We copy this data into a spreadsheet, then open a pre-made 3-page branded Canva template with animations and placeholders saved as a brand template.
  • In Bulk Create, we manually input the data and connect the text boxes. We upload the thumbnails from our computer into a Canva folder and connect them to the 3rd page.
  • Canva generates the 5 video promo posts in our customized, animated, and on-brand template.
  • Using the Resize feature, we create the posts in other sizes for LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • With the Content Scheduler, we schedule the posts to different platforms directly from Canva by choosing pages, file format, date, and caption.


Now go out there and create something beautiful!


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Written by Team RonDi