On 23 May 2024, Canva held its popular Canva Create Event.
If you’ve been following the platform’s evolution, you surely know that this is when we can expect big announcements. Back in 2023, for example, Canva officially launched their new AI features within the revolutionary Magic Studio. What do they have in store for us this year? Will the 2024 announcements be as exciting? Let’s find out!

So, what’s new after Canva Create 2024?

Well, for starters, Canva just pampered itself a major facelift, called the Canva Glow Up.

Slowly but surely, soon all Canva users will be discovering a brand new look and feel of both the Canva Home Page and Editor, both purpose-built for a focused creative experience.

Canva Create 2024 - New Canva Home Page

Also, Canva integrated a whole bunch of new Apps (no less than 15!) to improve and streamline our workflow.

Canva Create 2024 - New Canva Apps

But that’s not all, there are also lots of new features and improvements to discover in Canva Docs, Canva Videos, and a very special new section, Canva Courses… They’re all really worth checking out!  We’ll be releasing video tutorials about them, so stay tuned!

Want to know more about Canva Create 2024?

Dive into the major Canva Create 2024 highlights: all the latest news and features are explained in this video!