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💰Create Publish & SELL your digital content | ISSUU

Avatar Team RonDi | March 6, 2024 15 Views 0 Likes 0 Ratings

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Let's discover ISSUU together: a publishing platform I've become obsessed with since they suggested I'd make a video about how it works. I tried it out and found it has huge potential: not only does it allow you to share your content easily (such as an interactive flipbook, ebook, or online magazine...) but its features also help you create a community... So, in this video, I'll show you what ISSUU is, how to use it and what you can actually achieve with it: I'll be creating an online magazine using mainly free ISSUU features with Canva content I had designed earlier, but if you're interested in trying one of their paid plans, stick until the end of this tutorial as there's a great discount waiting for you! By the way, this is a [my very first] sponsored video.


  1. Intro

  2. What we will discover today

  3. Tutorial Outline

  4. A quick tour of ISSUU

  5. Workflow to publish your Canva designs to ISSUU

  6. Some of the ISSUU features I loved

  7. Feature #1: The no-frills public profile

  8. Feature #2: A superior reading experience

  9. Feature #3: Making your publications interactive

  10. Feature #4: Driving traffic to your content with Article Stories

  11. Feature #5: An easy solution to sell your publications

  12. Our 25% OFF discount for any ISSUU annual plans

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Written by Team RonDi