6 NEW FEATURES you’ve GOT TO KNOW! Single element animation & more! | What’s HOT in Canva 🔥 [Ep. 04]

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Let me present you what's hot in Canva: 6 new awesome features that were just rolled out! Here's your opportunity to get a preview and explanation on all these new cool features, that will just make your designer's life much easier! And I'll also give you some hot tips too on how to use them! Ready for this?

00:00 Intro
00:17 You can now apply animations on a single element
03:03 New bottom bar with thumbnail view
05:54 As a presenter, you can now drag your notes window!
07:42 Apply a special effect on a curved text and adjust its curve
09:17 Schedule and publish a post on Instagram directly from Canva! (PRO feature)
11:14 Save time and share your design more easily right from your Canva home page !

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Written by Team RonDi