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Why Upgrade to Canva Pro?

If you’re using Canva for your design needs and wondering whether it’s worth upgrading to Canva Pro, you’re in the right place!
Canva Pro offers a range of features that can streamline your workflow and elevate your creative projects… Now, does that upgrade suit YOUR needs? Let’s check it out!

Canva FREE vs. Canva PRO Benefits [2024]

In a nutshell, here’s a comparison of the main benefits of Canva Free vs. Canva  Pro:

Canva Free - Canva Pro Benefits

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How about we take a bit of a deeper dive into the advantages of Canva Pro, shall we?

Canva’s Media Library (Free vs. Pro)

Firstly, Canva Pro provides access to an extensive library of over 100 million premium stock photos, videos, audio tracks, and graphics. In contrast, Canva Free offers a more limited selection, giving you access to “just” a few thousand free templates and images (which isn’t too bad either, to be honest). This vast media library in Canva Pro can significantly enhance your creative options, making it a perfect choice for those who regularly need diverse and high-quality content.

Canva Pro’s Advanced Editing Tools
(Featuring: THE Background Remover)

One standout feature (and our own personal long-life favorite) of Canva Pro is the ability to remove backgrounds from any image or video. This tool, which allows you to effortlessly erase objects and clean up visuals, can save you hours of tedious editing. It’s perfect for those who need to create professional-looking images without investing in expensive software or spending too much time on manual adjustments.

Brand Hub and Consistency

Brand consistency is crucial, and Canva Pro’s Brand Hub makes it easier than ever to manage your logos, colors, and fonts. With Canva Pro, you can create up to 100 Brand Kits to ensure your designs always align with your brand’s identity, providing a cohesive look across all your marketing materials. For businesses and content creators who prioritize branding, this feature alone can justify the upgrade, while Canva Free users have to manually maintain brand consistency without these organizational tools.

Magic Resize

Another game-changer is the Magic Resize tool. Its name says it all: with just a few clicks, you can resize your designs to fit any social platform, eliminating the need to recreate content from scratch for different formats. This can be a significant time-saver for social media managers and marketers who need to adapt their content to various channels quickly. Canva Free allows you to create designs in infinite, yet fixed, dimensions, which means more manual work for each platform.

Increased Storage

Canva Pro offers a generous storage upgrade, providing 1TB of cloud storage compared to the 5GB offered by Canva Free. This increased storage capacity allows you to keep all your design assets in one place without worrying about running out of space, which is ideal for teams and individuals working on multiple projects.

We hope this article was useful and that it helped you figure out whether you should upgrade to Canva Pro or stick to the – already awesome – Canva Free version.

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