Create a Netflix-level Animation with Canva

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Create a Netflix-level Animation with Canva

Avatar Team RonDi | January 16, 2024 23 Views 0 Likes 0 Ratings

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Ever been so hooked by the animations on your favorite TV show that you wanted to recreate them? Well, you're in luck because it turns out, you can create something pretty close right on Canva! That's right—beyond its cool designs for social media or presentations, Canva is also a jam packed tool for video editing. Make your videos Netflix-like with these tips and tricks!


Inspired by the eye-catching animations in the Netflix show "Wellmania," we will walk you through the process of finding the perfect font and using Canva's brand new Create Animation feature to duplicate that cool animation, without the need for any external software. Let’s get to it!

Select the adequate document type

To start, select the right document type. In this instance, let's choose the classic HD video format (1920x1080 pixels). This selection opens a blank video document in Canva, setting the stage for our masterpiece.

WTF (What The Font?) How to find the right font in Canva

Next, we’ll recreate the word “wellmania” by grabbing the photo from Netflix and uploading it on Canva for reference. Additionally, we recorded a video of the animation to act as our guide.

Now, let's add a textbox and write "wellmania".

There are thousands of fonts available online, and finding one similar to our model text can be time-consuming. Don't fret because we can easily find matching fonts by visiting

Once you're in the site, just upload the reference image and voila! The site will suggest several fonts that you can check. The list includes Futura, which is available on Canva.

Now that we've chosen our font, let's go back to Canva and change our text font. To do this:

  1. Click the textbox.
  2. Select on the font tool and choose “Futura”. Then, add the “bold” effect.
  3. Adjust the letter spacing and size to closely match the model text.
  4. Align the text for better precision.


After we recreate the reference text, we should add an extra page to separate the reference from our work.

To do this, click the add page, copy and paste the word and center it on the page.

Step #2: How to grab the right colors

Now that we have our text, let's recreate the colors in our model. All we need to do is:

  1. Click the text box.
  2. Select the color icon and use the "color picker" tool.
  3. Then, click on the areas where you want copy the color.

For the background:

  1. Click on the background.
  2. Select the color picker.
  3. Choose your preferred color.

Step #3: How to Use a Custom Grid in Canva

The animation involves individual letters appearing, so we need to make sure we accurately replicate the position of the letters. To do this, we need to make grids for better precision.

Here’s how:

  1. Using the footage as reference, go to “file” tab, then click “view settings” and “show rulers and guides”.
  2. Once the rulers are visible, click on the ruler on the side and drag it to the beginning of the first letter. Since we are aiming for precision, we will also be adding a guide at the beginning and end of each letter.
  3. Zoom into the letters and take your time.
  4. Don't forget to add rulers to the height of all the letters and its flat sides.
  5. Once you're done with your grid, keep it in place by clicking “file” > “view settings” > “lock guides”.

Step #4: How to lay out the letters

Now that we have a custom grid to act as our guide per letter, we have to separate "Wellmania" into individual letters in separate text boxes. This meticulous alignment ensures each letter animates correctly and stays in sync, just like in the reference video. To do this:

  1. Duplicate the model text box on your page.
  2. Keep only the letter "w" in the box by deleting the others.
  3. Change the color of the model text box to see the new letters you’ll align on the grid. In this case, we changed the model text color to red.
  4. Align the "w" with the model text box. Zoom in for accuracy.
  5. Copy and paste the "w" text box to create more, repeating the process for each letter. Let's leave out the letter "i" since it has its own special animation.

Step #5: How to deal with the letter ´i´

The letter "i" is made up of two elements, so we'll use a rectangle for the base and a circle for the dot to animate them separately.

  1. To add a rectangle, click the “R” key on your keyboard to generate a rectangle.
  2. Zoom into the page and drag the corner of the elements for detailed positioning, resizing, and layer adjustments.
  3. Move the element forward by selecting "Position" > "Layer" and then dragging the element upward in the overlap menu.
  4. Press the "C" key to get a circle. Follow the same guidelines as above to modify the circle.
  5. Once we have aligned everything on the grid, simply delete the model text (in red) by clicking on the layer and pressing “delete”.

If everything looks good, you can hide the guides by clicking the "Show rulers and guides" option again. To delete the grids, press "View settings" and choose "Clear guides".

Step #6: How to Animate the Letters

Now, let's make the letters move! First, select all the text. Then, since the dot comes in later, hold down "shift" and click on the dot to leave it out.

Next, click on the "Rise" animation in Canva's "Element Animation" section. Make sure it's set to 'enter'.

Adjust the animation speed by dragging the element. This will allow you to replicate the dynamic entrance of each letter, paying close attention to the timing of each element.

Now, to customize the dot’s timing:

  1. Right-click on the dot and select “show timing”.

    This will allow us to create a specific layer for the dot, making it easier to adjust the timing.

  2. For better precision, press the “Zoom thumbnails” and toggle the zoom bar.
  3. Drag the side of the thumbnail where the time indicator is.
  4. Play the reference video to make sure the timing is right.

Step #7: How to use the new Create an Animation feature

For the bouncing dot of the 'i', Canva's new "Create an Animation" feature makes the magic happen. We can make the dot bounce and land next to the 'a' by drawing a custom path for it. To do this:

  1. Set up some guides where the dot would bounce and land.
  2. Click the dot.
  3. Select “animate” then “Create an Animation”.
  4. Drag the dot based on the bouncing path of the reference video.
  5. Practice makes perfect! Although it may take a few tries, just click “delete path” and give it another try.

Once you are satisfied with your path animation, click “done” and watch the magic unfold!

Step #8: How to preview the final animation

The final step is to preview the animation in its entirety, making sure all elements are moving harmoniously and stayed true to the reference design.

To see the preview, just drag the time indicator from the start and click “play”.

The preview function in Canva provided a real-time view of the animation, allowing for last-minute tweaks before finalizing the project.


And there you have it—Netflix-quality animations right at your fingertips! Tackling the "Wellmania" animation was a real test of our creative chops, but it also showcased just how mighty Canva can be. With the right tools and a dash of creativity, anyone can whip up professional-looking animations. By using this guide, you can now put your own spin on it, and show off your creations to the world!

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Written by Team RonDi