Flourish + Canva: the Perfect Match to Bring Your Data to Life

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Flourish + Canva: the Perfect Match to Bring Your Data to Life

Avatar Team RonDi | December 16, 2022 5 Views 0 Likes 0 Ratings

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Say hello to beautiful and entertaining Animated Charts and Graphs! Let me introduce you to Flourish, a FREE website (and Canva App) that allows you to create stunning data visualization, super easily! No doubt there will be even more improvements in the future, but for now, what we're already able to design is pretty amazing: let me show you what Flourish is, how it works and what you can achieve by using it, with a real example. I hope you'll enjoy this tutorial!


  1. Intro

  2. What are we going to discover today

  3. What is Flourish?

  4. Flourish as the new member of the Canva Family

  5. How does Flourish work?

  6. Telling a Story with Data using Flourish & Canva

  7. Integrate some Flourish Graphs and Charts to our Canva Presentation

  8. Choosing a Flourish template

  9. Adding your own Data to Flourish

  10. Configuring and Tweaking your Graphs & Charts

  11. Publishing, Exporting or using your Graphs in Canva

  12. Discover the final outcome

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Written by Team RonDi