How to make a Canva Website to collect emails

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Technically, creating a Canva website that collects emails is not possible for now, BUT I will show you HOW TO ACHIEVE IT by using Canva Sites together with a Google Form: I'll take you through all the steps of the process and we'll be creating an awesome, real website (link below👇) together, from scratch, for FREE. Enjoy the ride!

00:00 Intro
00:32 Have your website and form copy ready
03:05 Prepare all your visuals
04:01 Find the right website template(s)
07:03 Design your Canva website
13:07 Make sure everything is on-brand
14:58 Create your Google Form
19:20 Design the perfect header for your Google form
23:52 Link your Google From to your Canva Website
26:12 Publish your Canva Website

👉 Check out the website Ronny just designed and make sure to use the Google Form to leave your details:

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Written by Team RonDi