How to Make a PLANNER using Canva | Easy tutorial

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How to Make a PLANNER using Canva | Easy tutorial

Avatar Team RonDi | January 25, 2022 4 Views 0 Likes 0 Ratings

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Here's how to make a planner using Canva: a great tool you can create and custom to be more organized, save time and achieve your goals. In this tutorial, I'll be creating a monthly planner with a table of contents and hyperlinks that redirect you straight to your daily, weekly, or monthly tasks (or any other page: feel free to adapt it to your own needs!) We'll be designing from scratch on a free A4 document format, some of the elements I'll use are Pro but there are always free options you can choose from. You can follow these easy steps right away but before you start, I'll give you a few tips on what you'd need to have at hand. I hope you enjoy it!


  1. Intro

  2. How to create the document type

  3. Tips: before you start creating your planner

  4. Let's design your planner

  5. How to create your planner cover

  6. How to change the color of the background

  7. How to create a text box

  8. How to change the font of a text

  9. How to adjust the size of a text box

  10. How to modify the line spacing of a text

  11. How to change the position of a text box

  12. How to create a calendar

  13. How to find calendar templates

  14. An important piece of advice when creating a planner

  15. How to change the font of a text

  16. How to change the color of a text box

  17. How to create a table of contents

  18. How to duplicate a text box

  19. How to adjust the position and the size of a photo

  20. How to create a monthly planner

  21. How to create a rectangle

  22. How to change the color of an element

  23. How to create a weekly planner

  24. How to create a line

  25. How to change the weight of a line

  26. How to change the style of a line

  27. How to change the color of a line

  28. How to duplicate an element

  29. How to duplicate a page

  30. A trick to create your planner faster

  31. How to delete a page

  32. How to download your planner

  33. Want to see the final outcome? Here it is!

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Written by Team RonDi