How to make a YOUTUBE ANIMATED INTRO with Canva (Easy!)

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How to make a YOUTUBE ANIMATED INTRO with Canva (Easy!)

Avatar Team RonDi | June 26, 2020 9 Views 0 Likes 0 Ratings

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HOW TO CREATE AN ANIMATED INTRO FOR YOUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL (and other social media) - Canva Tutorial

Ever wondered how to create an animated Youtube intro for your channel? Animated intro are fast and fun to make and are key to grasp your viewers’ attention and get more views on youtube. In this Canva tutorial, for both free and pro users, I’ll teach you how to animate text, how to add an animation effect, how to trim the duration of your video intro and, if you wish to, how to add music or a song to your video. Plus, you can also use this tutorial to create an animated youtube outro to your videos so your youtube channel becomes more attractive than ever!

0:00 intro
01:30 Where to find FREE videos in Canva
02:10 How to add text on top of videos
02:40 How to find animated letters
05:11 How to add an animation to your video
05:38 How to add music to your video
06:17 How to download your video

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and wish you lots of fun making your own custom animated youtube intro!
Tell me in the comments how it went for you 😊👇

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Written by Team RonDi