How to use Canva | The BEST 2022 Tutorial for BEGINNERS

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How to use Canva | The BEST 2022 Tutorial for BEGINNERS

Avatar Team RonDi | January 18, 2022 7 Views 0 Likes 0 Ratings

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Just started using Canva? Or curious about it? You're in the right spot: here's a step-by-step guide and tour through Canva so you get situated and learn everything you know (+ essential tips) to start designing awesome visuals right away! It is meant for beginners to save time and enjoy creating graphics with Canva: we absolutely love it and hope you'll do too! NOTE: in this tutorial, we'll focus on FREE Canva features.


  1. Intro

  2. How to create a Canva Free account

  3. Understanding Canva's Homepage

  4. Homepage section #1: The navigation bar on top (access templates, features, help center, account settings)

  5. Homepage section #2: The menu on the left-hand side (teams, your designs, folders, trash)

  6. Homepage section #3: Different ways to start creating a design

  7. Getting to know the Canva Editor

  8. Editor section #1: The navigation bar on top (your document features, rulers, guides, margins, saving options, comments, restore versions...)

  9. How to use (apply) a template in a design

  10. What you'll find in the ELEMENTS tab (lines, shapes, frames, photos, videos, audio, charts, grids...)

  11. UPLOADS tab: upload your own files (audio, video, images) or record some straight from Canva

  12. The Canva PHOTO library

  13. The TEXT tab: all the text editing options in Canva

  14. The AUDIO tab: Canva audio files

  15. What you'll find under the MORE option: Canva apps (Giphy, Google Maps...) + more editing options (Styles, Video library, Backgrounds, Charts, Folders...

  16. How to EDIT and DOWNLOAD a design

  17. How to edit a design in Canva

  18. How to download a design from Canva

  19. How to share a design

  20. Let's see the final outcome!

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Written by Team RonDi