New Canva Sites 2022🔥Create your Responsive WEBSITE with your DOMAIN [BETA]

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New Canva Sites 2022🔥Create your Responsive WEBSITE with your DOMAIN [BETA]

Avatar Team RonDi | January 9, 2022 10 Views 0 Likes 0 Ratings

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This is HUGE! Canva released the BETA version of their responsive websites and will soon let you purchase your own domain in Canva! Here's everything you should know about the new 2022 Canva Sites features, how they are different from the previous version of sites, and how to use them! Don't know anything about websites yet? It's all there!


  1. Intro

  2. What are we going to talk about today

  3. When will the new Canva Sites feature be available?

  4. Who can access the new Canva Sites feature? Is it Free/Pro?

  5. Canva Sites: what it is - and what it's not.

  6. Features of Canva Sites: benefits and differences with previous Canva sites

  7. Feature # 01: It's all within Canva (purchase your own domain; SEO-friendly; reuse existing content)

  8. Feature # 02: Access templates for every occasion

  9. How to find templates to create a Canva Site

  10. How to start creating a website from scratch

  11. How to find website templates (search by category)

  12. How to find specific templates according to your business type

  13. Feature # 03: Web editing is super easy and Content is unlimited

  14. How to easily edit the elements in your Canva Site document

  15. How to find and insert photos into your website

  16. How to create a video background for your website

  17. How to preview your Canva Site

  18. How to change the background color

  19. Feature # 04: Editor was updated to fit one-page designs

  20. Feature # 05: Page controls moved

  21. Feature # 06: Adjust page height

  22. Feature # 07: New Responsive Preview (desktop, tablet, and mobile)

  23. Feature # 08: New Publishing experience (use a free domain, purchase a new domain or use your existing domain)

  24. **Canva Sites FAQ**

  25. Who can create what?

  26. As a FREE user, how many free websites can I create?

  27. How do Free Domain website URLs look like?

  28. Browser tab preview: how to upload a favicon and how to customize your website name

  29. How to protect your website with a password or hide it

  30. How to update your website

  31. How to unpublish your website

  32. How to Purchase a New Domain? What's included?

  33. **Cool things you can do with the New Canva Sites**

  34. *2* Use your Brand Kit to quickly make your website on brand

  35. *3* Use Apps and Integrations on your website

  36. How to find and use Canva Apps and Integrations with your website (Google Maps, Giphy, emojis...)

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Written by Team RonDi