Top 10 keywords to find awesome hidden elements in Canva for free

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Top 10 keywords to find awesome hidden elements in Canva for free

Avatar Team RonDi | November 25, 2020 15 Views 0 Likes 0 Ratings

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Creative tips and trendy ideas to design with Canva + 10 Free Templates! 🔥 (Free Canva Tutorial)
0:00 intro to the video
0:51 psychedelic flowers/retro style -canva elements
1:59 bright geometrical shapes -canva elements
3:14 cute balloons -canva elements
3:59 colorful thin-line hand-made flowers -canva elements
5:06 funny stickers (fashionable retro style) -canva elements
6:04 cool and trendy patterns -canva patterns
7:42 aesthetic frames -canva frames
8:27 gradient overlays/frames -canva frames
9:21 photography film frames -canva frames
11:33 organic shape frames -canva frames

In this tutorial (for all Canva users - both Free and Pro), I’m sharing with you my own selection of the best keywords and brand codes that will help you find the best free elements in Canva to create stunning visuals right away, such as:

- psychedelic/retro style to post and illustrate inspiring quotes on Instagram
- bright geometrical shapes, perfect for a banner to promote an organic farmer market
- cute balloons to create happy birthday design or a thank you to your followers
- colorful thin-line hand-made flowers for trendy minimalist designs
- funny stickers for a fashionable retro style

PATTERNS: cool and trendy patterns for stunning backgrounds and catchy designs-

FRAMES are super easy-to-use and make our designs look super fancy. I’ll also show a personal trick of mine on how to use elements to achieve a super cool effect that looks like frames and that includes special effects on the inserted picture (such as textures, photo leak, etc). And who said frames had to be perfect geometric shapes? Say goodbye to squares and circles… and hello to beautiful rounded organic shapes! I’ll tell you how to find them!

Mesmerizing GRADIENT and OVERLAY effects to achieve colorful and original designs with any photo of yours.

→ Start designing with these free templates right away!

✿ Quote - Instagram Post - Retro Flowers:
✿ Instagram Post - Farmer's market:
✿ Thank you post - Instagram post:
✿ Quote - Instagram Post - Floral Femenine:
✿ Quote - Instagram Post - Kindness:
✿ Quote - Instagram Post - Empowering:
✿ Ultra Minimalist Instagram Post:
✿ Instagram Post - Friends Weekend:
✿ Instagram Post - Romantic Couple:
✿ Instagram Post - Organic shapes:

→ If you want to try Canva Pro for free for 45 days, using my affiliate link you can benefit from a 45-day free trial (which is an additional 15 days to the 30 days offered by Canva on their website!):

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Canva is a powerful and free design tool that everybody can use to create beautiful visuals.

I personally use it every day!

With this channel, I want to introduce Canva to as many people as possible and teach them how to use it to design professional visuals and graphics to build their personal brand or grow their business.

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Written by Team RonDi