14 NEW Canva Features + BIG Announcements! | What’s HOT in Canva🔥 [Ep. 30]

Avatar Team RonDi | July 25, 2023 29 Views 10 Likes 3 On 7 Ratings

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14 NEW Canva Features + BIG Announcements! | What’s HOT in Canva🔥 [Ep. 30]

Avatar Team RonDi | July 25, 2023 29 Views 10 Likes 3 On 7 Ratings

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In this video, we'll cover nothing less than 14 new Canva features (1 of them is a new app worth checking out!) and 2 big announcements! We'll be exploring some exciting new goodies in Canva Apps, highly anticipated features in the mockups category, updated charts, and a plethora of UX/UI improvements that will elevate your design experience. Keep watching till the end because I'll be sharing my top tips on how to make the most out of these features, all backed by my own experience. Grab a cup of coffee, get comfy, and let's get started!


  1. Intro

  2. Canva's first BIG announcement: Canva & Warner Music Partnership

  3. Feature #1: Color options in SmartMockups

  4. Feature #2: Mockup App

  5. Canva's 2nd BIG announcement: Canva opens its ecosystem to Third-Party Developers

  • Feature #4: TypeCraft (New Text customization App in Canva)

  • Feature #5: Interactive Charts

  • Feature #6: Creators you follow

  • Feature #7: New Folder Cards

  • Feature #8: Increased Audio Track Limit

  • Feature #9: Aggregated Font Weights

  • Feature #10: Inline Emojis in Canva Comments

  • Feature #11 Apply Colors on all pages in Canva Brand Hub

  • Feature #12: Copy Sticky Notes and Paste into Spreadsheets

  • Feature #13: Video Switcher (Element timing coming soon!)

  • Feature #14: Music in Timer

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    Written by Team RonDi